Membership-based NFT Swaps & Trading




We’ve build a swaps focused market. Members receive the best industry rates on NFT Swaps. On P2P swaps all members pay only for gas. On Swap listings, premium members only pay for gas, while standard members only pay 0.5% transaction fees. Fayre, a new way to trade NFTs.


Swaps work best when both parties know each other and agree on the NFT(s)/Terms of the swap. Swaps cost 0.05 ETH + gas for non-members. Members only pay for gas.

  1. Connect Wallet & Enter NFT or Crypto that you are trading (only whitelisted projects may be traded in order to prevent fraud and scams). Use the drop down box to select.
  2. Enter counter-party address and select NFTs/Crypto from the drop down
  3. Sign the transaction and alert your counter-party that the trade is ready for them to confirm
  4. The counter-party validates the NFTs/Crypto of the trade and signs transaction for completion

Swap Listings (Coming Soon)

Fayre is not a traditional marketplace, we focus on swaps. Users don’t mint on Fayre and there are no auctions. We are a secondary market for whitelisted collections to be traded or swapped. There are two types of Swap Listings. Swaps have transaction fo 1% for non-members, 0.5% for standard and 0% for premium members. NFT holders and traders are invited visit site and set alerts for specific collections offers.


Users list NFT or Crypto that they’re willing to trade. A counterparty with valid collection and take all or part of the trade. Similar to collection bids.


Users list their NFT along with counter-party crypto and/or collections they are willing to swap for along with a time limit. A counter-party can accept the swap.

2 Ways to Become a Member

You don’t need to be a member to use Fayre, but you will get the best industry rates for swapping and trading NFTs. There are two membership types: Standard & Premium. Premium gives you the best of everything with unlimited trades and only gas to pay. Standard memberships only pay gas on P2P swaps and 0.5% transactions on swap listing transactions in addition to gas. These are some of the lowest costs in the industry.


Become a member by purchasing a Standard or Premium FayreCard.


Lock 10,000 $FAYRE or 50,000 $FAYRE for 12 months to become standard or premium members.


NFT Swaps are more dynamic than traditional marketplace listings. The service is geared to buyers, traders and market makers, who often have a relationship with the counterparty that they are dealing with. For this reason, we don’t charge royalties on trades. We believe in the creator economy and support creators, but swaps and trades are not the same as traditional NFT marketplaces. We are against large firms charging high transaction fees because they control significant market volume. We are advocates for a universal royalty standard that works across various market types. As soon as that standard is created, we will immediately implement it on our platform. We want a level playing field, where smart contracts determine rights and royalties.

What you end up with on our Swaps Market, is a service with the lowest possible transaction costs in the industry. Having the lowest costs to transact isn’t the most sustainable offering, which is why we’re also building tools for brands to add real utility and use NFTs as engagement vehicles.

In addition to our Swaps Market, we are building tools for brands to engage with fans and activate NFT collections. We believe the real value of NFTs will come from real world utility and integration into loyalty programs. This is an area we are actively working on.

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