NFT club for creators, brands and fans

Part NFT marketplace, part fan activation hub. We make tools that allow creators and brands to establish and manage NFT fan clubs, which gives NFTs unlimited purpose in real life, online and in virtual worlds.

Turn large NFT drops into manageable fan clubs.

Brand Dashboard

After you distribute your NFT collection, you can track key metrics, leave messages, create offers or sell exclusive merchandise and NFTs. Your NFT collection can become an access key to virtual worlds or even partner offers that recognize your NFTs. You have the power to add value and utility to your collection.

We're a club too. The FayreCard NFT helps reduce Transaction Fees to 0%.

Become a standard or premium member by holding $FAYRE in your wallet or purchase a FayreCard NFT. More details about the FayreCard program coming soon.

The Next 10 Million

The next 10 million NFT collectors will require more affordable NFTs with more utility. That's why we're helping brands to engage with a new generation of fans. NFTs can be used as decentralized loyalty programs, access keys for real or virtual events, or enhance features in games. There are endless ways to create the next level of rewards and engagement. The next 10 million will come from around the world, including Latin America, which is why we're paying special attention to the region.

We're a bit different

A marketplace, a brand NFT dashboard, a gateway into web3, play to earn and the metaverse. We're on a mission to change the way creators and brands interact with fans. We believe in low fees, easy access to NFTs and better buying, selling, trading and interaction with NFTs. We have surprises coming up. Get in touch if you'd like to be a part of the journey.

Ecosystem partners

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