Top 8 Tips for Creating NFTs

Top 8 Tips for Creating NFTs

Today more and more creators are discovering the great advantages of being part of the NFT industry. Artists, musicians, brands, sports, all are already experiencing the positive impact of creating non-fungible tokens.

But, what do you need to make your NFT dreams come true? Below we share with you 8 essential tips that will make your collection a success.

It’s not just about having an all-singing all-dancing digital token. You want to make it stand out from the millions of others competing for attention and you want your token holders to remain engaged in their newly purchased NFT long after they’ve clicked on their wallet to buy.

You need to add extra pizzazz, so they know they’re getting added value and innovation. So how do you achieve all this? How do you create engaging, original NFTs that are destined for long-term success? Let's break it down.

1) Social Media Strategy

You need to have an effective SM strategy to ensure that your posts are made on a regular and consistent basis, and are timed correctly to be seen by your audience. This way you can build up a following, and you can manage engagement easily and quickly. Several SM management tools can help with this, including Buffer and Hootsuite.

2) Website

In order to have credibility, so that buyers can see you are legit – you will need to have a website, even if it’s a simple one. It’s also a great place to have all the links to your social media channels in one place. Examples are Wix, Squarespace and WordPress.

3) Discord

When it comes to digital products and cryptocurrencies, and people talking about which one you should buy right now, the platform you need is Discord. This is where the hottest topics are discussed, and news is shared. One of the favourite subjects of discussion: NFTs, of course.

4) Twitter

The platform with the liveliest debate on all topics, which is not about to change even if a certain Mr Musk takes ownership, is Twitter. You can garner attention with apposite use of hashtags, and find your tribe of like-minded creatives, and eventually your own community of fans. It’s a very responsive platform in terms of queries, too.

5) Reddit

This discussion platform is useful for asking questions and getting feedback, and joining the subreddit communities about specific topics. Here’s a statistic to make you think: Reddit is the 19th-most visited website in the world. Here you can comment on other people’s posts to join in with the NFT creator community.

6) ClubHouse

When it comes to audio Social Media channels, ClubHouse is the one you need. Chat in open conversations where anyone is allowed to take part; or you can just listen. The range of topics is wide, from NFT Artists and Collectors, to NFT art and Music Daily. It’s easy to pick up lots of useful information while listening, and you’re not obliged to take part by getting on the platform.

7) No-code platforms

Create your NFTs using a platform where no coding or blockchain experience is necessary, like NiftyKit (SaaS for creating NFTs and smart contracts on Ethereum and Polygon) or Generate NFT online (generate and mint an NFT quickly using a PNG, GIF or MP4; you get 25 assets free). The most useful tools to look for on platforms are templates that provide styles, effects and layers; an easy user interface; positive peer reviews; and a reasonable pricing policy. Note that free generators usually only create a maximum of 100 images, while paid ones will produce 10,000 from a base character.

8) NFT Marketplace

A reliable marketplace where to mint your NFT will be the key point for everything else to work. The Fayre Marketplace only lists high-quality, authentic and verified NFTs. To avoid fakes, and to protect and reassure users, we apply the following measures:

  • We do not allow anonymous NFT minting. Each token must have a verified creator or provenance.
  • Only blue-chip projects are whitelisted.
  • We curate collections from other marketplaces, using strict selection criteria that ensures we only list legitimate projects.
  • Creators will be able to mint their own limited collections once they have undergone a verification process by the Fayre team.
  • The other NFTs that will be listed on our Marketplace are tokens from our brand partners, who will be able to make their own drops thanks to our easy-to-use brand Dashboard.

If you’re thinking about creating some NFTs as an artist, designer or musician, or you’d like your brand to enter the NFT space, then hopefully this has given you some useful pointers.

If you would like to become NFT-famous, then send us your portfolio to talent@fayre.com for a chance to join the Fayre family.

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