The NFT Marketplace with Zero Fees and Zero Fakes

The NFT Marketplace with Zero Fees and Zero Fakes

Yes, the day is almost here! We are launching the first version of our Marketplace next Monday, 11 April. This is the heart and soul of our NFT community for brands and fans, and a gateway into Web3. Can you feel the excitement in the air?

The user-friendly multi-chain Fayre Marketplace offers zero transaction fees for those in the know, and lists only high-quality, authentic and verified NFTs. Brands can offer fan drops, celebrities can mint limited NFTs, and buyers and sellers can trade securely.

Ways to zero fees

At Fayre, one of our goals is to reduce the barriers to Web3 entry for everyone. In order to achieve this aim, we offer the option of not paying any fees in our Marketplace. There are two ways to enjoy this great advantage:

  • Stake 25,000 $FAYRE, our utility and governance token, for 90 days. Our token not only unlocks the advantages of zero transaction fees, but also provides other benefits such as community voting rights, whitelist opportunities, and the possibility to earn rewards.
  • Buy a FayreCard. A FayreCard is a unique NFT that gives access to our membership club. This will be available in two versions, Standard and Premium; each has its own maximum value limit for free transactions. _*Please note that you may have to pay a gas fee, credit card fee or royalty fee. _

Ways to zero fakes

Fake NFTs are a major security issue in today’s NFT world. You can feel safe in the knowledge that on the Fayre Marketplace, we only list high-quality, authentic and verified NFTs. To avoid fakes, and to protect and reassure our users, we apply the following measures:

  • We do not allow anonymous NFT minting. Each token must have a verified creator or provenance.
  • Only blue-chip projects are whitelisted.
  • We curate collections from OpenSea and other marketplaces, using strict selection criteria that ensures we only list legitimate projects.
  • Brands and celebrities will be able to mint their own limited collections once they have undergone a verification process by the Fayre team.
  • The other NFTs that will be listed on our Marketplace are tokens from our brand partners, who will be able to make their own drops thanks to our easy-to-use brand Dashboard.

On the Marketplace you can search for NFTs according to criteria such as theme, availability, price range, collection and category. The design is bold and simple, so you can easily find what you’re looking for.

The launch of our Marketplace is just the first stage in our ecosystem. More features will be rolled out in the next few weeks, making NFTs that much sweeter, and opening up Web3 to millions of new users.