Catch Them... If You Can

Catch Them... If You Can

The successful partnership with Espanyol, one of Spain’s oldest football teams, continues as fans move into Web3 thanks to Fayre. Espanyol aficionados can enjoy all the added benefits and increased community engagement brought by Cool Perico NFTs.

Our second drop of Cool Pericos started last Saturday, 14 May. The response has been strong, as expected, but if you’re quick you could grab the last few that are left. The Cool Perico has a floor price of €50. Why not get in on this great NFT opportunity?

So what are Cool Pericos?

To tie in with Espanyol’s founding date of 1900, Fayre has created an NFT collection based on 1900 different designs of its “Perico” parakeet mascot. Each Cool Perico has its own combination of features in various colours and stripes, with a selection of types of clothing, accessories, headwear and shoes; some are wearing an Espanyol team shirt and logo.

What are the benefits of Cool Pericos?

This cool NFT for football fans is much more than a token that you can trade in a marketplace, such as Fayre’s. Each Perico is a unique, verifiable piece of digital art, with its own individual set of features: no two Pericos are the same.

But, in addition, our token also gives access to certain elements of the stadium and the team, ensuring a more enriching experience for fans.

These are some of the fantastic advantages for Pericos token holders:

  • Upgrade benefits at the game

  • Early access to new drops

  • Chance to attend the presentation of the new season’s players

  • RCD Espanyol team shirt giveaways

  • Test new features of the Fayre app (see video below).

Upcoming Cool Pericos Holders Gathering

Another exciting innovation that is exclusively available to Cool Pericos owners is meet-ups for the community, where the token holders get the opportunity to share ideas and network in person - like a VIP club.

These Espanyol fans are sure to have lots in common, and the Pericos will bring them into a group together. The first of these get-togethers will be in July.

How Do I Get My Cool Perico?

  1. In the Fayre Marketplace, click the white “Connect” button at the top right of the page. Then either sign into your Fayre Wallet, or alternatively create a Fayre Wallet by entering your email (you will then be sent a link to sign up).

  2. Choose (mint) your Cool Perico. You can buy up to a maximum of 10.

  3. Your Cool Perico is now your Fayre Wallet – start to enjoy the advantages of this NFT.

Fayre x Espanyol on Twitch

Silvia Mogas, Director of Marketing at Fayre, was on a live stream on Wednesday May 19 on RCD Espanyol's Twitch channel, where she explained to the team's fans all about the Cool Pericos collection, including details on the creation of each unique design and how to buy an NFT step by step. Watch the recorded session (in Spanish) to find out all the details.

Mogas also gave details of Fayre's bright future, the Fayre marketplace, the upcoming NFT collections, the Metaverse and more valuable insights into the Web3 industry.

Fayre is bringing brands, clubs and fans closer, thanks to innovative Web3 technology that links the internet, real life and the virtual world.

Fayre is preparing many more functions that will become a reality once the app is active, allowing Pericos owners to unlock benefits at the stadium. More sweet treats are coming soon!