NFT Giveaway to Celebrate our Community’s Growth

NFT Giveaway to Celebrate our Community’s Growth

If you already follow our social channels, you will know that we have a highly active and engaged community, which is growing all the time.

Now we are spreading our sweetness even further by adding a new Discord channel.

You can instantly access discussions with fellow Fayre fans on topics such as tokens, partnerships, and the NFT marketplace.

To celebrate this new way of engaging with, and rewarding, our community, we are offering a fantastic giveaway for Discord users.

How to snag a FayreCard NFT on Discord

We’re giving away 100 Standard FayreCard NFTs to 100 lucky people on our Discord!

This unique digital token gives access to the coolest NFT club, unlocking benefits such as low transaction fees, as well as other sweet treats.

The Standard FayreCard allows you free transactions up to a certain value in our user-friendly multi-chain Fayre Marketplace.

FayreCard holders also enjoy early access to new features and partner promotions, prior announcements about collections, and other special benefits.

The FayreCard NFT will be launched very soon, and only a limited amount will be issued, thereby ensuring the exclusive status of the card. Why not take this fantastic opportunity to get one for free?

3 simple steps to enter

· Join our Discord https://discord.com/invite/bfNvCKqeMP

· Verify yourself

· Go to the #giveaway channel and react to the post!

Entry is open from this Friday 22 April, and winners will be chosen randomly on Friday 29 April.

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