How To Build Your NFT Community

How To Build Your NFT Community

Cryptopunks, Axie Infinity, Bored Ape Yacht Club, Cool Cats… All of these NFT communities command international attention because of the legendary status they’ve built up over the last few years. But how did they get to where they are now?

Is it? Is it real magic?

… Mmm no, we don’t actually think it was magic (sadly). But we can certainly learn a lot from the characteristics that many of these NFT communities have. Staples for successfully building an NFT community currently seem to be:

  • Strong and consistent branding
  • Limited or rare membership opportunities
  • Multiple streams of information flow
  • Clear rules and cultural focus
  • Mechanisms to excite fans (rarity, pricing, NFT drops, special NFT characteristics)

Many of the most revered communities were also “in the know” about NFT technology fairly early, allowing them to hop on unique opportunities.

But don’t you worry one bit! Your opportunities are not lost. And in fact, up-and-coming platforms like Fayre are creating fresh avenues in the NFT industry for brand new communities to find homes. So let’s join the fun and find out how to make an NFT community!

What is an NFT community?

Right! Before we get to work, it may be a good idea to know exactly what we’re building. At Fayre, we like to think of an NFT community as a collection of brands and fans. Ideally, a brand can include anyone who makes NFTs. From artists, athletic organizations, celebrities, NFT enthusiasts, to real estate companies, Web3 developers, and event organizers, anyone can start honing their style of NFTs.

Fans, of course, include followers of any particular artist, organization, NFT creator, and eventually, anyone who wishes to digitally participate in the physical world. It should also be noted that in many of the best NFT communities, fans who regularly interact online within the community are considered to be part of it. For the most exclusive groups, this can come at a high price.

Biggest fan

No matter how exclusive the community, all NFT groups are born out of an NFT marketplace. Once a brand decides to create an NFT, or rather, a collection of them, they can then start spreading the good word about their community.

Where most communities’ comradery is built is generally in the outlets they broadcast from online. Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, the metaverse, etc., are all responsible for helping launch many communities. Truth be told, the online environment is also part of the community.

Think about it like a popular public park that is frequented by nearby locals that grow to become familiar with each other over time. And then imagine they all hang out with each other with and because of a special NFT.

Advantages of creating an NFT community today

As alluded to earlier, it’s still a great time to build NFT communities right now. With new platforms such as Fayre helping brands and artists create NFTs and other digital solutions and products it’s never been easier to get started.

Plus, Fayre is working hard to connect with world-renowned organizations. Partnerships with RCD Espanyol (one of Spain’s most beloved futbol clubs), and the IPA (International Professional Pool Association) have opened the NFT door to millions and millions of fans.

O yeah whoa!

Also, since celebrities are joining the NFT game at a rapid pace, the attention on the space has never been greater.

How to start your community

Finally, let’s break down the general steps it takes to build your own NFT community.

Find a target audience

The first parameter you might want to consider is your target audience. These are the fans that you want to attract with your cool NFT premise and eventually interact with online. Be creative, because an excited audience can make for a fun, unique premise.

Create a vision for your community

Next, you’ll want to create a vision for your community. Your vision acts as a driving purpose for people to join the community beyond the awesome art that you make. Do you want to be a community that shares information? How about one that trades art with each other? Maybe you all support your favorite basketball team by creating NFTs. Creating a vision that appeals to your target audience will help you communicate to your fans more easily.

Generate excitement around your brand

Once you know why you want to make NFTs and build a community around them (your vision), it’s time to figure out the ‘how’. Many NFTs are visually attractive or have a style that appeals to a wide audience. Some are niche and will catch the eye of a specific group of individuals. Some communities regularly mint new NFTs to welcome in newcomers, while others have a set amount for the in-group. So make sure your NFTs are unique to you! Will they be physical or digital? Will they be rare items? How about beautiful pieces of art? Will you build a reward system for your fans’ activities?

Effing excited!

In any case, Fayre makes this part of building a brand incredibly straightforward and easy for anyone. With tools that creators and artists can use to establish and manage fan clubs, NFTs and their communities can have unlimited function and purpose in real life, online and in virtual worlds. Just know that how you decide to generate excitement around your NFTs will be your hookline.

Build an online presence

Your sinker is the presence you manage to build up online. By first using your vision to create a personality for your brand, you’ll be able to build a story. Your community traits will build excitement. And with an online presence, you get to share your ideas to attract fans.

Note that if you want to be a top NFT community, you may need to use as many online avenues as you can manage. This isn’t a prerequisite for building a community in general, but it’s always helpful to cast the widest net you can.

Be reputable

Lastly, as you’re beginning to build your network, make sure you stay true to your word and vision. Deliver on your NFTs and community expectations, and your community will build loyalty.

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Building an NFT community isn’t going to happen overnight, and the process isn’t ‘magic’ (sadly). But with new platforms like Fayre, it’s entirely possible to get started today. Best of luck creators!