How Fayre Is Helping Sport Sprint into Web 3

How Fayre Is Helping Sport Sprint into Web 3

Fayre is leading the way in terms of partnerships with sporting organisations, taking them into Web3 with NFTs and digital engagement. Thanks to innovative and interactive next-generation technology, the relationship with fans is being strengthened, as their favourite clubs show them the way to the future.

Fayre and RCD Espanyol

In terms of sporting relationships, our hugely successful partnership with Espanyol, one of Spain’s most long-established football clubs, is already helping to increase community engagement and bring fans of the team into Web3.

We have recently seen the creation of innovative Pericos NFTs that seamlessly connect the digital world and real-life experiences for Espanyol fans. Last weekend, the first 200 Pericos NFTs were launched, and were snapped up immediately.

The next batch, of 500 Pericos, will be released this weekend, with a price of 50€ each. Once the Fayre app is active, Pericos owners will be able to unlock extra advantages, with exclusive access to certain elements in the stadium, the team and many other benefits to be announced soon.

Fayre and Other Sports Organisations

We also have partnerships with two other sporting organisations, namely the International Professional Pool Association, which we are helping to enter into the billion-dollar NFT industry, by implementing Web3 integrations over a multi-year relationship; and the North American Rugby League, with whom we are developing esports solutions for targeting new fans, as well as other benefits such as in-stadium activations.

NFTs themed around these sports can be sold or dropped, free or at a minimal cost, to existing fans and customers. They offer exciting new experiences and types of engagement to the next generation of consumers and fans, whether already tech-savvy, or new to the NFT and crypto space. Fayre is bringing all types of sports fans, whatever their familiarity with digital tokens, into Web3.

The Fayre Dashboard and Sports Teams

We are making the NFT ecosystem more accessible to sports teams and clubs, thanks to our soon-to-be-launched intuitive and user-friendly Dashboard . Clubs can create digital tokens for fans that bridge the physical and virtual worlds, enriching the experience for their fans, increasing loyalty and adding value.

In terms of activities with sports companies that have already started, fans have enjoyed free tickets in Twitter giveaways to two Espanyol home games, on 5 March and 10 April, as well as NFTs and merchandise.

This is just the beginning — Web3 will make the relationship between sporting organisations and fans deeper and more immersive than ever, with extra benefits offering a richly rewarding experience, both while at matches and when at home. Fans will feel increased loyalty to their clubs, thanks to this close interaction, and will feel part of a privileged group that enjoys a special and unique link to their favourite sports entities.