Get Cued Up With This NFT Collection

Get Cued Up With This NFT Collection

Fayre is delighted to be bringing more sports fans into Web3.

This time, the lucky aficionados are those of professional pool, with new NFTs created exclusively for the International Pool Association (IPA), increasing their engagement in the sport, and offering them exclusive benefits.

As part of our partnership with IPA, we have created an NFT collection based on 800 unique designs of billiard balls. These are one-off pieces of digital art, which can be traded, but which also bring added value to their holder.

IPA organises the Fayre European Professional Pool Championships Tour 2022. The first Tour event this year, which heralded the start of Fayre’s sponsorship of the competition, took place in Coventry in March. The Championship featured some of the top players in the world,including Liam Dunster and Clint l’Anson and UK pro number 1 and 2.

Upcoming NFT drops

The first 200 NFTs of the collection will be released at 11am on Friday 27 May, during the IPA Tour 2 event in Bradford (27-29 May), at a special launch price. Everyone who buys one of the NFTs will enter a draw to win a free ticket to the next IPA Tour event or another Tour event of their choice.

There will be three further drops of IPA NFTs, each of 200 tokens, with a drop launched at each of the remaining Tours of the 2022 season.

The subsequent Tour dates are:15-17 July in Coventry, 2-4 September in Newcastle, and 4-6 November in the Isle of Man. You can find more information on the IPA website.

The IPA NFT is much more than a token that you can buy and sell. In addition to its innovative format and distinctive design, our token will bring added value to its holders, making the experience more enriching. For example, token holders can enjoy special activation at IPA events, thanks to the Fayre app. More treats will be announced soon.

How to get your IPA NFT

The buying process will be simple:

  • Go to www.Fayre.com, create a Fayre Wallet by entering your email (you will then be sent a link to sign up).
  • Choose (mint) your IPA NFT. The floor price is £50
  • Find your IPA NFT in your Fayre Wallet and enjoy the benefits it offers you.

There is no need for complex crypto wallets, since fans can pay with credit cards, making these IPA NFTs easily accessible to everyone.

Fayre sees sport NFTs as a key part of digital communication and loyalty reward going forward, with many great opportunities for fans both at real-life tournaments and online. Fayre is offering new, innovative products and services within the exciting realm of Web3, to help bring brands, clubs and fans closer.

These products and services, including the new Fayre app, bridge the internet, the physical world and the virtual world. We can’t wait to see what exciting new developments the future will bring - watch this space!