First IPA Drop Is Today!

First IPA Drop Is Today!

Today’s the day! Pool fans: get your hands on these fun new IPA NFTs which give you exclusive benefits now!

Fayre continues to open the path to Web 3 for sports fans, after the successful Cool Pericos for Espanyol RCD, with the launch of a new NFT collection.

Fayre x IPA

We have partnered with the International Pool Association (IPA) to create an NFT collection based on 800 unique designs of pool balls. These one-off, humorous pieces of digital art can be traded as digital tokens, and also bring added value to their holder, while increasing fan engagement.

This collection is made up of 800 exclusive pool ball NFTs, divided into four drops. The first 200 NFTs were released this morning, 27 May, during the IPA Tour 2 in Bradford (27-29 May). Fans can get their one-of-a-kind IPA pool ball NFT at a special launch price of £50.

Everyone who buys one of these NFTs will enter a draw to win a free ticket to the IPA Tour 3 in Coventry on 15-17 July. Don't miss out.

The other 600 pool ball digital tokens will be released at the three remaining Tour dates - 200 at each event.

After Tour 3 in Coventry, the other dates are Tour 4, 2-4 September in Newcastle; and Tour 5, 4-6 November on the Isle of Man.

The IPA organises the European Professional Pool Championships Tour, whose current 2022 season is sponsored by Fayre blog/fayre-sponsors-european-professional-pool-championship. The first Tour event this year was in Coventry in March; top players taking part included UK pro number 1 and 2, Liam Dunster and Clint l’Anson.

What is the IPA NFT?

The IPA NFT is much more than a token that you can buy and sell. In addition to being a unique and unrepeatable piece of digital art, our token will bring added value to its holders, making the experience more enriching. Further details will be announced soon.

The balls come in 8-ball black, white, red and yellow, and their attributes include – appropriately - a cue, chalk and triangle. The 8 ball has a distinctive style all of his own: in some tokens, he has a blue Mohican, reflective sunglasses or batwings. Other features include a hat or hair, and he can be seen celebrating with his hands in the air.

The buying process for the FAyre x IPA NFT is simple:

  • Go to www.Fayre.com, create a Fayre Wallet by entering your email (you will then be sent a link to sign up).

  • Choose (mint) your IPA NFT. The floor price is £50

  • Find your IPA NFT in your Fayre Wallet and enjoy the benefits it offers you.

You don’t have to know about cryptocurrency or crypto wallets in order to pay: fans can use credit cards to buy their pool ball NFT, making these IPA NFTs accessible to everyone.

Fayre sees sport as a key area of digital communication and loyalty rewards where clubs can connect with their faithful fans, with many great opportunities for followers both at real-life events and online. Fayre is offering exciting and innovative products and services within the exciting realm of Web3, to help bring brands, clubs and fans closer.