Fayre’s First NFT Collection for Football Fans

Fayre’s First NFT Collection for Football Fans

Fayre Head of Marketing Silvia Mogas has just announced the launch of 1900 Pericos NFTs with Real Club Deportivo Espanyol de Barcelona.

She said: “We are very excited about this collaboration, being able to bring all the benefits of Web3 to Espanyol fans.”

Mogas emphasised that Fayre is preparing many more functions that will become a reality once the app is active, allowing Pericos owners to unlock benefits at the stadium.

This is the latest development in Fayre’s successful partnership with Espanyol, one of Spain’s most long-established football clubs, to create innovative NFTs that help increase community engagement and bring fans of the team into Web3.

Cool Pericos

RCD Espanyol was founded in 1900 and for this reason we have created an NFT collection based on 1900 different designs of its “perico” bird mascot.

The first 200 Pericos will be released this weekend, and another 500 Pericos will land a week later. The following drops will be announced soon.

From the second drop each Perico will cost 50€. Our Pericos allow you to upgrade benefits in the game, give you early access to new drops and more treats to be announced soon.

Fayre is bringing brands, clubs and fans closer, thanks to innovative Web3 technology for extra added value and special access offers. We are excited about what future developments we will be seeing soon!

Fayre and Sports

We are making the NFT ecosystem more accessible to sports teams and clubs, thanks to our soon-to-be-launched intuitive and user-friendly Dashboard . Clubs can create digital tokens for fans that bridge the physical and virtual world, enriching the experience for their fans, increasing loyalty and adding value. Our partnerships with Metaverse companies help us to ensure that fans get the best possible experience.

Fans have already enjoyed free tickets in Twitter giveaways to two Espanyol home games, on 5 March and 10 April, as well as NFTs and merchandise. And more actions will be announced soon. Stay tuned!