Fayre Welcomes Moralis to Make Web3 Development Faster and Easier

Fayre Welcomes Moralis to Make Web3 Development Faster and Easier

At Fayre we are building cutting edge tools that facilitate the use of NFTs and make it easier to enter Web3. To help us accomplish our mission, we rely on state-of-the-art technologies such as Moralis.

“Moralis is like a Swiss army knife, it has all kinds of tools that allow you to make Web3 development faster and easier. They are set to be a very important exponent in the future of web3.”, says Fayre CTO Fernando Torres.

Moralis is currently being used for adding cross chain capabilities to the Fayre marketplace.

Empowered Web3 Development

Moralis provides a single workflow for building high performance DApps that are fully compatible with all Web3 tools and services. It helps developers save time and money to ship scalable and robust DApps.

In short, it makes functionality faster, smoother and safer for users of the Fayre ecosystem.

From the beginning, Moralis has been a community centred project. In the Moralis community, knowledge is shared between developers, enabling them to solve problems and work more productively. These features will enable Fayre to keep growing and offering ever better services for its brands and fans.

Stronger together

At Fayre, we are proud to be powered by big Web3 players such as Moralis, Apollo, MoonPay, Polygon, Vercel and many more outstanding tech partners that we’ll be announcing soon. We are getting stronger every day, thanks to new alliances that help us create the best tools, making the world of NFTs even sweeter.