Fayre x RCD Espanyol on Twitch

Fayre x RCD Espanyol on Twitch

Silvia Mogas talks on Espanyol’s Twitch channel about Cool Pericos, Fayre Marketplace, and future plans.

To celebrate the launch of Cool Pericos, the collection of 1900 NFTs which Fayre has developed with RCD Espanyol, our Marketing Director Silvia Mogas answered questions about the utility of these tokens, and much more, on the Spanish soccer team’s Twitch channel.

Here are the highlights of the interview.

Espanyol Twitch: What are the benefits of having a Cool Perico NFT?

Silvia Mogas: It’s a limited collection, with only 1,900 units, because RCD was founded in the year 1900. Cool Pericos are inspired by the Periquito, which is, as you know, the mascot of Espanyol. The Cool Pericos have many long-term benefits, as the partnership has been planned as a long-term project. We will be announcing further benefits as time goes on. They’re like a VIP pass: they give exclusive access to opportunities like giveaways for Espanyol team shirts. Also, when a new Espanyol player is presented, we will give away a ticket to Cool Pericos holders to attend the presentation.

ET: There are lots of rumours about [new] trainers and players this summer. If a Cool Perico gives you exclusive access to the presentation of a new player, or a giveaway of Espanyol shirts - at the beginning of a long-term project, for 50 euros, then that’s great! You don’t have to renew it, right? There’s no annual or monthly fee?

SM: No, you don't have to pay any fees. Once you have the Cool Perico NFT in your wallet, you can enjoy all the benefits. If you want to sell it, you can.

ET: How did you create the Cool Pericos?

SM: We worked on the project internally, brainstorming between our team and the Espanyol team, suggesting the different characteristics of each Perico. Then we decided the rarity percentage of each NFT.

ET: Someone in our community has asked, “Why does one of the Pericos have a bag of vegetables?”

SM: Good question! Those aren’t vegetables, they’re calçots [large spring onions]. That Perico is a Catalan edition, with a Catalan hat, rope-soled shoes, and calçots – all that’s missing is the [romesco] sauce!

ET: There are lots of variations between the Pericos – the colour, the hat, the eyes, the tail, the clothes: there are some with tattoos, some with abs, some with a tie, others with an Espanyol shirt. Then the shoes: some have a football, others have sandals or football boots. In the first drop, I got a soldier, a green chef Perico with calçots and a firefighter with an Espanyol shirt. They’re very cool - I really like them. How do you know the exclusivity of each Cool Perico? Which ones are more exclusive than others?

SM: There are eight which are super-exclusive, which are unique, while the rest have different rarities. We are also working with a third-party company which is helping us to analyse the rarities.

ET: Can you get an exclusive one for the same price as a more normal one?

SM: Yes - the cool thing is that you don’t know which Cool Perico you are buying, as each one is randomly assigned to a wallet.

ET: There’s another very important point I wanted to mention. I really like the subject of how you buy NFTs on your website. Obviously on most websites it’s complicated, because you have to use a wallet such as MetaMask, and then go onto Binance, and buy crypto to put in the wallet. I’ve seen that on yours, you can buy with a credit card. [The payment process] is very simple - I wanted to congratulate you, because it is not easy to adapt the crypto NFT world for the wider public, to make the website user-friendly and accessible.

SM: We are password-free, so we don’t have access to any of your important data - only you manage your information, in line with the culture of Web 3. Also with Fayre, you just pay with your credit card, you don’t need to have crypto to get an NFT.

ET: What is Fayre going to do next?

SM: We will carry on working with Espanyol, with this collection of Cool Pericos, and with their utilities - I can tell you that there are more to come. Apart from that, our Marketplace will have drops by other brands, apart from Espanyol. Also, we will be providing more services for our partners – another point that marks out Fayre is that we have a Dashboard, where brands can have access to their own drops. Long-term, we will be moving into the Metaverse.

ET: What are your Metaverse projects?

SM: We have just started working on these. We have three: Mundino is in Portuguese, Microverso is in Spanish, and ZeroLand is in English.

ET Do you have an app?

SM: Yes, we have an app that works on iOS at the moment, which we trialled in the Espanyol stadium last weekend. We did a test for people who already have a Cool Pericos NFT. The app confirms that this person is the owner of the NFT. Once this check has been done, it says: “Congratulations, this is your NFT, and you can claim your rewards.” This will be live next season.

ET: What else would you like to say to the viewers?

SM: It’s worth getting a Cool Pericos NFT now, because at the moment the price is 50 euros, but this may increase in later drops. NFT technology is changing very fast, and is here to stay. Espanyol was one of the first to enter the space, and will be around for the long-term.

We still have some limited-edition Cool Pericos waiting to be snapped up, so catch yours quickly, before they fly away! We hope you enjoyed this edited translation of the interview, and that you found it useful to learn more about these awesome RCD Español NFTs, their benefits, and how they were created.

If you have any questions about Cool Pericos, how to buy yours, or any other aspects of Fayre, please let us know.

You can see a preview of this Twitch conversation (in Spanish) on our YouTube channel.