$FAYRE Launches to the World

$FAYRE Launches to the World

Today we’re bringing you some massive news: the $FAYRE token is being launched on Tuesday 12 April!

We are very excited that after months of planning, you will finally be able to join the Fayre community with these sweet, multi-purpose tokens for brands and fans.

$FAYRE listed on exchanges

We’re proud to announce that $FAYRE will be listed on two exchanges from Tuesday: Mexc Global and Bitrue.

Mexc Global has been used by more than 6 million traders. Developed by financial and blockchain pioneers, it can complete 1.4 million transactions per second. This speed, security and efficiency means that $FAYRE will be in safe hands. Last year it was awarded “Best Crypto Exchange Asia”.

Bitrue is a crypto management platform where you can buy, invest and borrow digital assets all in one place. Established by a group of blockchain enthusiasts, it runs on a unique core pair trading system and uses an advanced multi-level clustering structure, offering top security and stability.

Benefits of $FAYRE

At Fayre, we are keen to make NFTs accessible to everyone — not just the big spenders, but small collectors too. NFTs offer many advantages in terms of physical and virtual experiences, and we feel strongly that they are a big part of the future, and should be available to as wide a range of consumers as possible.

One huge advantage of $FAYRE is that you can use your tokens to acquire NFTs on the Fayre Marketplace without having to pay any fees. You just stake 25,000 $FAYRE for 90 days, and you unlock the zero transaction fees benefit!

In addition, as part of the sweetest NFT community, $FAYRE holders will be the first to learn about new and upcoming products and services. Holders can also enjoy whitelist opportunities, and can earn rewards for their market activity too.

Other benefits include governance voting rights and the possibility to earn rewards.

Users can also hold and stake their $FAYRE tokens to obtain a FayreCard, an NFT which is the key to joining our exclusive membership club. Depending on your holding of $FAYRE tokens, you can choose between two types of membership, Standard or Premium — each allows you free transactions up to a certain value in the Fayre Marketplace.

Along with our Marketplace, which launches on Monday, Fayre is opening up its ecosystem to the world over the next few weeks. Are you coming on board?