Fayre Is Giving Away 15 Million Tokens

Fayre Is Giving Away 15 Million Tokens

At Fayre, we are celebrating the launch of our Marketplace by giving away 15 million $FAYRE tokens to the first users of the platform. Isn’t that sweet? We have created a bonus program that benefits both the first wallets that lock $FAYRE tokens, and the first wallets that list an NFT collection.

Get your bonus by locking $FAYRE

When you lock 25,000 $FAYRE for 90 days, you get 0% transaction fees on all NFT purchases during the lock period. The first 2,500 wallets to lock this amount will receive an additional lock bonus. The sooner you lock, the more $FAYRE you will receive. The first 250 wallets will get 6,000 $FAYRE each! The subsequent wallets will be allocated their rewards as follows:

Lock or List and receive bonus $FAYRE

Out of the total 15 million $FAYRE tokens we are giving away, 8.5 million will be distributed as lock bonuses. How can I buy $FAYRE? From tomorrow, $FAYRE will be listed on two exchanges: Mexc Global and Bitrue.

Get your double bonus by listing an NFT

The first 7,500 wallets that list a qualified NFT for sale will receive a listing bonus of $FAYRE. The sooner you list your NFT, the bigger $FAYRE bonus you will receive. The first 1,000 wallets will receive 2,000 $FAYRE each; see the visual above for further details. Of the total 15 million $FAYRE tokens that we are giving away, 6.5 million will be allocated as listing bonuses. In addition to the bonus $FAYRE tokens, the first 7,500 wallets that list a whitelisted NFT collection, will also receive a Standard FayreCard NFT each. So, whether you want to enjoy zero transaction fees when buying NFTs, or you want to list your own NFT collection, make sure that you keep an eye on our about-to-launch Marketplace on fayre.com to enjoy these fantastic extra benefits.