An NFT That Gives You Wings

An NFT That Gives You Wings

After the well-received initial drop last Saturday of the first 200 Cool Pericos for fans of one of Spain’s oldest football clubs, Real Club Deportivo Espanyol, the collection is continuing with the release of the next 500 tokens tomorrow.

Cool Pericos, created by Fayre and Espanyol as part of their highly successful digital partnership, are NFTs based on the team’s mascot, the Perico. The tokens come as a parakeet in various colours and stripes, with a selection of types of headwear and shoes, with or without Espanyol team shirt and logo.

We’re cool and we know it :D

The next batch will fly as swiftly as the first, which were snapped up almost immediately, so don’t miss this opportunity to be part of the next generation of football lovers with exclusive benefits!

This Saturday 14 May, at 3pm (CEST), you can become the proud owner of a Perico. The Cool Perico has a floor price of €50.

Why Should I Get a Cool Perico?

Our NFT is much more than a token that you can buy and sell. In addition to being a unique and unrepeatable piece of digital art, our token gives access to certain elements of the stadium and the team, making the experience more enriching for fans.

Another innovative benefit for Cool Pericos holders is that we will be organising meet-ups, building on the strong community aspect of NFT holders, so that they can share ideas and network with each other. The first of these meet-ups will be in July.

Pericos holders are also among the first to know about upcoming drops and among the first to test Fayre’s new features.

Fayre App Test

This weekend, RCD Espanyol aficionados will be able to activate their Pericos in the stadium, using an early-access version of the new Fayre app, in order to enjoy some exciting advantages.

How Do I Get My Cool Perico?

  1. In the Fayre Marketplace, click the white “Connect” button at the top right of the page. Then sign into your Fayre Wallet, or alternatively create a Fayre Wallet by entering your email (you will then be sent a link to sign up).

  2. Choose (mint) your Cool Perico. You can buy up to a maximum of 10.

  3. Find your Cool Perico in your Fayre Wallet and enjoy the benefits it offers you.

Fayre x Espanyol

We have partnered with Real Club Deportivo Espanyol de Barcelona to create innovative NFTs that help increase community engagement. RCD Espanyol was founded in 1900, and therefore we have created an NFT collection based on 1900 different designs of its mascot.

On Friday 6 May, Fayre Head of Marketing, Silvia Mogas, and RCD Espanyol CEO, Mai Ye Wu, made the launch of Cool Pericos official.

Fayre is bringing brands, clubs and fans closer, thanks to innovative Web3 technology for extra added value and special access offers. We are excited about what future developments we will be seeing soon!